What I’m Excited About Today


The day after Thanksgiving my fabulous prayer warrior and husband are hopping on a plane and heading to Orlando Florida!!  WOOT WOOT!!!!!  I have been invited to speak at REAL Life Church in Clermont, Fla. on Dec. 1 at their Women’s Christmas Event:

Real Women’s Christmas Event

Dec 1 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Ladies! Mark your calendars for the annual Real Women’s Christmas event, The Gift, on Monday, December 1st, at 7:00pm in the Main Auditorium. This year, author Gail Ramesh will be joining us as our guest speaker. Contact Christina Tennyson at cmtennyson@getreallife.com for more information. Childcare will be provided.

So what does this mean for me?  I am spending my days firming up my talk and trying to figure out what to wear to an event on Dec. 1 in Florida!!  As I sit here at my favorite coffee shop the ground is covered with snow and more is coming down.  On Dec. 1 here in Michigan that means two words:  BUNDLE UP!!!!  But what does that mean for Florida?!?!  I can’t even begin to think about short sleeves in this weather!!!  This is my biggest dilemma about this trip!!  And of course if I wanted something new, I won’t be buying it here . . . . we only have wool sweaters and thick fleece-lined leggings!!

I LAUGH as I type this . . . . with all the TRUE TRAGEDIES in the world this is really NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!  I GET THAT!!!!  However, I still have to maneuver through these waters!!  A wool sweater just can’t go with me to Florida!!

And yet God draws my heart to what really matters . . . . . as Mandisa says, it’s not the gospel of Vogue that matters, but our truest beauty that comes from the INSIDE, where Jesus resides!!!

My heart runs back to Psalm 45:11  –  (my own paraphrase)  My King is ENTHRALLED with MY BEAUTY!!

I love that the Word doesn’t say He WILL BE enthralled with my beauty WHEN . . . . . I lose weight, get my hair done, buy new clothes, get a make-over, change my eating habits, etc.  It says that He is TODAY, RIGHT WHERE I AM, ENTHRALLED WITH THE BEAUTY I POSSESS TODAY!!!!!

Girls, we have got to stop thinking we are going to be beautiful tomorrow . . . . . our KING is totally HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH US AND OUR BEAUTY TODAY . . . . right where we are . . . . . just who we are today!!!!!  Enjoy His attention . . . enjoy His affections . . . . enjoy HIM as He enjoys YOU and YOUR BEAUTY!!!!!

So today I am going to spend some time with my favorite Book . . . God’s Word . . . and let that clothe my heart with the beauty of His Spoken Word!!!  I am going to let that be the lavish beauty upon my heart!!!  Later today I’ll have to poke through my closet and see what I can find that might work in 72 degrees and trust Jesus for the perfect outfit that will go with the TRUEST BEAUTY of my heart!!!!

If you are in Clermont on Dec. 1 I would LOVE for you to come and say hello – you can see what Jesus put together out of my closet and tell me if it works!! =  )

2 thoughts on “What I’m Excited About Today

  1. Shelley Sorensen

    Hi Gail! It is Shelley from Clermont former Michigander. I am so excited you are coming to Clermont because I can’t wait for these beautiful ladies of Florida to see what you have in store for them. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say and reveal what God has in store for them. You are fabulous and no outfit can over shadow your beautiful personality! However, if I were to give you a wardrobe hint, I can tell you to think early fall and you will hit the target. Can’t wait to see you here in the “Sunshine State!” Love you sister!


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