Packing for the Trail


Well here I am, my second snow day.  Some may call me spoiled . . . . I call me BLESSED!!!!  =  )  And LAVISHLY LOVED BY GOD!!!!!  =  )

This has been some great time off!!  Today not only was it a day off, but we also had no power.  God has a way of getting our attention when He wants it.  So I stayed tucked in bed . . . . .. yes, it was those fleece sheets again!!  (see yesterday’s post for more on the sheets)  I just curled in to the heart of God and listened to Him urging me forward in my journey.  I was surprised by the stubbornness that He was met with!!

I don’t want to press forward!!  It’s too hard!!  Too scary!!  Requires more sacrifice, discipline, strength and resolve than I have!!  It’s too far to the other side!!  I’ll never make it to where you are calling me to go!!  Lord, I have lost my “want to” and I don’t think I want to go anymore!!

OH MY!!!!!  When I type that all out I feel SO SILLY!!!!  Not only do I KNOW BETTER . . . . . but I AM BETTER!!!  Not in my own strength . . . . BUT BECAUSE OF JESUS!!!!!

So . . . . today I started with this prayer . . . . Lord, CHANGE MY WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a good dose of Bible, prayer and time with Jesus I have found my feet to be on the path to where He is calling me to!!!

So what the path to following Jesus look like . . . . death to self, life in Christ . . . . sacrifice . . . . listening and obediently following . . . . . remembering WHERE I came from . . . . remembering WHERE I am going to . . . . . remembering WHAT HE CALLS ME TO DO ON THIS JOURNEY!!!!!!!

2 Cor. 4:1, 16 urge me to NOT LOSE HEART on this journey that can be tough!!!!  But forward with Christ is the direction I LONG TO GO!!!!!!!!!

So here are the things I am packing with me for the trail . . . .

1)  Memory Verses . . . . each week I’ll add some more to my heart

2)  Intentional Weekly Plan . . . . . I have to listen to God for instructions along the way and WRITE THEM DOWN

3)  Daily Celebrations . . . . . I’m going to note where I am successful EACH DAY . . . . celebrate obedience

4)  Journal Daily . . . . not just a record of events, but the journey of my heart

5)  Prayers!!!

I know this would be a GREAT POST for Jan. 1 . . . . but I can’t wait that long to get going!!!  How about you?!?!?  Can you wait until then to start your journey that God is calling you to . . . . or do you need to start packing your bag today and get moving?!?!?!?!  If you’re on the trail, let me know!!!!  We are all going to the same place . . . . THE HEART OF GOD!!!!!!!  We may have different views of the same road, but we are all on the road!!!!

I would LOVE to hear about YOUR JOURNEY!!!!  Comment below and keep me posted as I keep you posted on my journey with Jesus as well!!!  WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.48.33 PM

4 thoughts on “Packing for the Trail

  1. Yup!! What a difficult and fear filled but awesome journey it is! Just when I thought I had “my” art all figured out, I find that my heart is being led yet again in a different direction. It’s fun to create all of these beautiful things but knowing if and when I should sell them is a matter of daily prayer for me. There isn’t always a clear direction for me to see. Some days it feels like playing blind man’s bluff! I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you all!


  2. Melinda

    Thank you Gail for your beautiful honesty!!! Been in a little “funk” myself and it is so nice to hear from someone I respect that she has the same fears and thoughts!! God bless you Gail!!


  3. Pamela

    My motivation is low. I am not moving!! I am sitting, reading, working. Z z z. Today I will hit the gym. Whatever I choose to do I will move – One day at a time!! So. . . My focus is up and only on today.


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