Arrival at Disney


Yesterday my handsome man and I spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World in Florida. Today, although I’ve never even tasted alcohol in my life, this is what I imagine a hangover to feel like!! I pulled myself out of bed and I thought to myself, “That Mouse is INTOXICATING!!!”

Then I smiled and thought about how I want everyday of my life to be like yesterday, but for JESUS.

Then I thought of this verse, with my own paraphrase:

Ephesians 5:18
Do not get drunk on the Mouse, which leads to worldliness. Instead be filled with the Spirit!!!

My husband had not been to The Magic Kingdom before, and I hadn’t been there in YEARS – over 35 of them!! So for both of this it was pretty much a first time experience – and an experience it was!!!!

We found out 24 hours prior to going to the Mouse House that we were going. I had heard it was a possibility, but said nothing to Paul. I hadn’t heard so assumed we weren’t going, but over breakfast, the morning of our flight, the email came that we were lavishly and graciously given tickets. I didn’t want to tell Paul, but the tears streaming down my face as I read my email gave it all away. I couldn’t even tell him, I could only hand him my phone and let him read it for himself. He just stared at me. Shocked! Stunned! Overwhelmed! We had talked for years about how we would love to do this, and now in 24 hours we would be there! We had 24 hours to anticipate our arrival to The Magic Kingdom and plan our day!

Nothing could prepare us for the next morning!!!!

I love the MAGIC of Disney, and the excitement of arriving was unlike anything I have ever experienced!!! Everywhere you go in the park it’s all about the MAGIC. Being a follower of Jesus I stay away from that word, but since Disney uses it to reference itself, so will I, because it stands in contrast to Jesus and the WONDER Of Him!!!!

We drove into the parking area.

We took the Tram to the ticket booths.

We took the monorail to the park.

With each step the anticipation just mounted!!!!!!! I was coming out of my skin!!! I couldn’t wait to get there!!!! If you know me well it will not surprise you that there were tears of excitement at many steps of this journey!!!

But it wasn’t just me!!!

There were THOUSANDS of people like me FLOODING the Disney parks with us!!! Ready for their piece of the Disney magic!!!!!

I want my anticipation of seeing JESUS face to face to PALE IN COMPARISON with what I had yesterday!!! But as we are making our way to our destination I thought many times about what will it be like when we make our way to GOD’S KINGDOM?!?!?!? What will the transportation be like?!? What will be the disposition of my fellow travelers?!?! Who will be the first person we talk with?!?!

At Disney, the first person we talked with was the ticket agent. She was KIND, CARING AND SO VERY HELPFUL!!!! She asked if we’d ever been there and when Paul said no we were given 1st Time pins. So now everyone in the park knew we were rookies!! What I thought would be a detriment turned out to be a BONUS!!!! Now everyone we came in contact with knew we were newbies and helped us!! It was an amazing time!!!! There is SO MUCH MORE to my Disney story – I will come back to it later!!!!

Until then – here is my prayer for all of us!!!

Dear Sweet Savior, let our excitement and anticipation of seeing You, and being with You, be DOUBLE of what I had yesterday for a silly mouse!!! You are SO MUCH MORE!!!!! May every action and reaction of our lives show that!!!!!!!

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