Jesus on the Zipline


I have to go back to our Disney visit again.  You would think we were there for a couple weeks, but we were truly there for ONE DAY!!!  We just packed in so much, and it was such a HUGE EXPERIENCE that I can’t help but share pieces and parts with you!!  Again!!

Once we finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom we walked through the gate, around the train station and made our way to Main Street.  Once we turned to look down main street there IT was.  You couldn’t miss IT!  At the far end of the street, over some flowers and such, IT stood in such majesty and splendor!!!  I just stood in my tracks and started Disney Castleat IT!

Cinderella’s Castle

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set aside any ill-will you may have to Disney, and imagine seeing in person this castle you have only seen in pictures, movies or on TV.  It was so over-whelming to my heart!!!  WOW!!!!!!

Later on that night was stayed for the fireworks that began with Tinkerbell careening down a zipline from the top of the Castle!  She was lit up so you could watch her on her travel.  It was so fun!!

As I sat there pondering all I was experiencing and all I knew to be TRUE I found myself contemplating the Kingdom that I am MOST LONGING FOR!!!!  If there is all this hype for Cinderella’s Castle, can you imagine what Heaven will be like?!?!?!  Will there be a tram, a monorail, a journey just to get to the place where you get to see GOD’S CASTLE?!?!?!?!?  How AMAZING and MAGNIFICENT will that be?!?!?!?!?!

And will there be fireworks?  Or something better?  And I don’t mean to be irreverent nor disrespectful, but I wonder if Jesus will go zipping down the zipline for all to see and cheer!!!!  And if He does, I’m hoping He lets us go with Him, one by one!!  Could you imagine being on a zipline going over Heaven with Jesus leading the way?!?!?!?

I love to let my Holy Imagination out to play every now and then!!  Not to downplay the holiness and reverence of God, but I think He has some playful in Him as well!!!  And if He gave me this imagination I want to be able to use it when I think of Him as well!!

So what do YOU think Heaven will be like?  Maybe it’s a futile mind game, wasted mental gymnastics . . . . . but I know that when I anticipate a date with my husband, or a long awaited trip, it’s the anticipation that I enjoy as well!!!

So are you ANTICIPATING the Holy Kingdom?!?!?  Have  you wondered about your heavenly body?  Your heavenly garments that Revelation talks about?  And how are you getting yourself READY to meet YOUR KING?!?!?!?!?!?

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