Who Wears the Pants in Your House?


My husband, Paul, and I were having a fun and teasing morning together.  It was a great Saturday spent getting tasks done as IMG_4672well as making each other laugh like no one else can!

We were out and about and decided to stop at Biggby and grab a yummy Chai Latte with soy, no whip, and cinnamon sprinkled on top (YUM).  The staff behind the counter were all pushing shots of espresso to all their customers.  When the person behind the counter asked my husband if he wanted and extra shot of espresso I interjected a quick NO!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I both laughed!  We knew my response was all part of our joyful banter we had been enjoying all morning, but the person behind the counter heard something different.  Once the words left my lips they responded, “Well, we know who wears the pants in that family!”

We all laughed.

Sort of.

I thought about this all day long!  For me this couldn’t have been further from what I longed for!  I don’t want to be the controlling boss in our home, but I don’t want to be the trampled over wife either.

My husband thought this was funny and nothing more.

It hit my heart harder than something funny.

As I pondered this for bit I thought a lot about the statement from the coffee shop.  I chewed on it.  Prayed about it.  Mulled it over.  Thought long and hard about it.  Then it hit me . . . . . .

As we were driving down the road I announced to my husband my conclusion:  God wears the pants in our family!!  

To this we both laughed at the humor of that statement, but there was great understanding of what I said and what I meant.

So what about you and your house?  This is not just for married people . . . . but for all people . . . . . Does God wear the pants in your family?

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