What Goes Around Comes Around


A few weeks ago I shared a post about how I bought some bathtub crayons and I was leaving encouraging notes for my husband. It has been such a fun thing and I have had a blast trying to surprise him every now and then with notes of encouragement and support. It’s always fun when he discovers something new on the shower walls that I wrote to put a smile on his face!!

Well today, the table turned! I had gotten up for my 5 AM bike ride on my trainer downstairs which is a new habit I’m trying to get better at. I finished my ride, went up to the bathroom, hopped in the shower there I found a sweet note from my husband written on the shower wall! It was delightful! It was a blessing! I giggled like a little girl when I saw not only did he write me a note, but it was in all different colors! He knows my heart!

So why do I share this with you? For a couple reasons. I want to remind you that when we sow good seeds they reap good things! We may not see the fruit right away, but it takes a while for God to take what we sow, and waters it and let it grow and bear fruit!  This is not a fast process!!  Girls, we need to be consistent and patient with the good deeds that we sow into our men!  We can’t expect them to appreciate what we’re doing and change overnight, because we don’t change overnight either! But we do need to keep sowing good deeds into the soil of our men!!!!!!!!

I also want to remind you of the importance of doing good things for the men in our life! Sometimes we get angry, tired, frustrated, weary, bored, any sort of emotion, but we need to keep doing good for the men in our world!  God calls us to love one another and to start with the men in our lives is a great place to start! Don’t wait for them to make the first move! Just because we make the first move doesn’t mean were in charge or in control, it means were willing to be humble and serve from a heart of love! This is what God calls us to do over and over and over!

I also want to remind you that this can be very difficult to do! As women we give and give and give! And God is fully aware of! But girls, let us not give up and become weary in doing good!  I understand this one! Like you, I’m a busy woman! And sometimes I think I don’t have time to do cutesy things for my husband. But that just isn’t true! I have time to do whatever I think is important, and I want to make sure that Paul is important to me! I want to make sure that Paul is the most important thing to me, after God!!!!

My challenge for you today is to ask God what he would like you to do for the man in your life! Listen to his still small voice and then do it! I challenge you that no matter how big or how small it might be take up the challenge that God is putting before you!  We get that feeling in the center of her heart, we may even call it our conscience, what is the Holy Spirit. You know the feeling? The little knowledge that says this is what I want you to do for the man in your life! I want to challenge you, if at all possible, before you put your head on your pillow tonight why don’t you do one good deed for the man in your life!!!  Surprise him with whatever God puts on your heart!  Don’t just do it for your man, but do it is an act of obedience to your Lord and watch what God will do in you and through you, for your good and for His glory!!!!!

I would love to hear tell of what happens!!!  As for me, I made lunch for my husband for tomorrow and the next day! He loves it when I serve him in these little ways! It wasn’t a big deal, but it will mean a lot to him!

Obedience Has a Cost


Have you ever been in a place where God asks you to do something?  Something very specific?  Something that is a bit uncomfortable and calls you to do something you’d rather not do?

My alarm went off SUPER EARLY this morning!  Earlier than I enjoy getting up.  But the reason was because God said I needed to get up and hop on my bike and ride some miles before work.


I prefer sleeping in.  Hanging out in bed reading.  Sipping on tea in my jammies.  Laying low and enjoying downtime.

But today was the day that I needed to choose obedience!!  Sometimes it’s an easy thing to choose obedience to God.  When He speaks, WE FOLLOW!!!  But other days we find it harder than others.

What makes it easier for you to follow God?  What makes it harder for you to follow God?  Where are the places that God is asking you to move forward that are hard for you?

At the end of July I am riding on the Unveiled Bike Trip.  It’s going to be an AWESOME TRIP and I’m really excited!!!!!  I’m not in any shape to ride 30 miles a day so right now I am being called to ride my bike.  Sounds SO EASY to type that . . . . but when my alarm goes off it seems SO HARD!!!!  My goal is to bike 450 miles by Unveiled 2015.  As of today I have 10 miles ridden . . . . . and a LOT of miles to go!!!!  I need to keep riding!!!  The choice to obey is laying in my lap . . . . do I obey what God is asking me to do, or do I ignore Him?

So, tomorrow my alarm will go off and I will be back on my bike riding away!!

How about you?  What is God calling you up into?!?!?!?  I would LOVE to hear about where God is stretching YOU!!  We all walk various paths . . . . .I would love to hear your story!!!!



For those of you not familiar with the game Whack-a-mole I will try to explain it to you.  It began as an arcade game in which kids (and sometimes adults) would grab a rubber hammer and when the mole would pop out of the ground the goal was to hit the mole with the hammer, thus gaining points in the game.  The game runs for an allowed time and overtime you whacked the mole it would eventually pop back up, never to be defeated by the hammer whacking individual.

Currently I am readying through Acts and as I am watching the life of Paul I can’t help but think of this game!!  He is the mole and these people in opposition of him are trying to take him out with their own sorts of hammer, but like the mole, he keeps coming back!!!!  They keep throw him in prison and he gets out!!  They stoned him and he comes back!!  It doesn’t matter what they do to this follower of Jesus, he cannot be stopped!!!!

I had to skip over and read 2 Corinthians 11:21-28 to get the fuller picture of all that Paul had gone through!  WHAT A LIST!!  This man has SUFFERED FOR JESUS!!!!!!!!!  And nothing could stop him!!!!!!

How is it that we can be afraid of being left out for standing up for Jesus?  Or excluded because we don’t talk trash like the world?  Or not wanting to be left out when everyone else is going somewhere you know God is telling you not to go . . . . and you’re not willing to go where you know God is calling you to go?  We fear mocking and ridicule – we fear being left out and ignored – we fear not being one of the cool kids anymore – – – but what is this really costing us?!?!?!?!

I have to always ask myself this question, “In 100 years, as I sit with Jesus under a tree talking with Him about my life here on earth, what decision do I need to make that He will be pleased with at that time?”

We can’t live for today.  We can’t live for other people.  LIKE PAUL . . . . . WE LIVE FOR JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!  Our life doesn’t matter . . . . ONLY JESUS MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!

So as you are backing down from hard conversations and decisions, afraid of the consequences of the world, be like Paul, and don’t let the hammer take you out . . . . keep coming back for Jesus!!!!!