Obedience Has a Cost


Have you ever been in a place where God asks you to do something?  Something very specific?  Something that is a bit uncomfortable and calls you to do something you’d rather not do?

My alarm went off SUPER EARLY this morning!  Earlier than I enjoy getting up.  But the reason was because God said I needed to get up and hop on my bike and ride some miles before work.


I prefer sleeping in.  Hanging out in bed reading.  Sipping on tea in my jammies.  Laying low and enjoying downtime.

But today was the day that I needed to choose obedience!!  Sometimes it’s an easy thing to choose obedience to God.  When He speaks, WE FOLLOW!!!  But other days we find it harder than others.

What makes it easier for you to follow God?  What makes it harder for you to follow God?  Where are the places that God is asking you to move forward that are hard for you?

At the end of July I am riding on the Unveiled Bike Trip.  It’s going to be an AWESOME TRIP and I’m really excited!!!!!  I’m not in any shape to ride 30 miles a day so right now I am being called to ride my bike.  Sounds SO EASY to type that . . . . but when my alarm goes off it seems SO HARD!!!!  My goal is to bike 450 miles by Unveiled 2015.  As of today I have 10 miles ridden . . . . . and a LOT of miles to go!!!!  I need to keep riding!!!  The choice to obey is laying in my lap . . . . do I obey what God is asking me to do, or do I ignore Him?

So, tomorrow my alarm will go off and I will be back on my bike riding away!!

How about you?  What is God calling you up into?!?!?!?  I would LOVE to hear about where God is stretching YOU!!  We all walk various paths . . . . .I would love to hear your story!!!!

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