A Whole New World


I grew up in a faith-based home, went to a faith-based school, lived a faith-based life that all seemed to wrap around the idea of a point system, a score card or even a report card.  I always felt I was earning something or getting graded on what I was doing.  Don’t get me wrong!  Hear me out!  No one ever used these words or put these parameters on my life, but somewhere along the way I found myself living a perfectionistic, fear-based, point-gathering, approval-seeking life!  The kind of life that is absolutely EXHAUSTING!  Everything I did was in the hopes of keeping the peace, making people happy, earning their love, and out of deep-seated fear that I would disappoint them and lose their approval and love.

This was a horribly exhausting way to live!

But I brought my messiness right into my relationship with Jesus!  I transferred all my human rules that I had learned, or assumed, or even came up with on my own, into my relationship with Jesus.  He was one more person I had to work to earn His love.  I had to do all the right things to make and keep Him happy.  If I did something wrong then the apple cart was tipping over and I lost God’s love!

Again, what a  horrible way to live!

But then there was GRACE!

I had a friend of mine explain grace to me in a way I have never forgotten.  I went something like this:

You are speeding down the highway and you get caught by the police.  They pull you over and write you a ticket.  That is JUSTICE.  You get what you deserve.

You are speeding down the highway and you get caught by the police.  They pull you over and they don’t write you a ticket, they only give you a warning.  That is MERCY.  You don’t get what you deserve.

You are speeding down the highway and you get caught by the police.  They pull you over and they give you a check for $20,000.  That is GRACE.  You get what you don’t deserve.

I am in a delightful season of learning about GRACE!  God’s AMAZING GRACE!  His grace gives us what we truly don’t deserve!  Once we have walked into a personal relationship with Jesus we find this unending JOY and LOVE that can’t be earned, only given to the children God loves SO MUCH!  There is NOTHING you can do to earn His love and there is NOTHING you can do that will separate you from His love once you are His child!  This my friend is the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST!!

So where are you in your walk with God?

Have not realized a personal relationship with the Creator God of the universe can be obtained by simply acknowledging that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the solution to our problem of sin in our hearts.  Once you see that Jesus is the Son the God sent to earth, in the form of the baby in the manger to save us from an eternity apart from God, you are on your way to new found freedom!  Realize that you are a sinner, which is not too hard when we look at our sinning lives, and ask Jesus to forgive your sins and take up residence in your heart.  Jesus will come and remove your heart of sin and replace it with a new heart full of His Spirit.  God will move in and take up residence in your heart and you will start a whole new world of learning about and enjoying the love and grace of God who is CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU!  How could He not be?  He made you?  He loves you!  And that’s why He has a solution for the sin that separates you from Him.  You only need to accept what God is offering you.

Or are you like I was living a perfectionistic, fear-based, point-gathering, approval-seeking life?  This is not the life we were intended for!  When we live like this we miss the love and grace that God is offering us . . . . . FOR FREE!!  We need to open our eyes to the love around us and enter into it by fully participating in this love relationship with God!  For me that meant keeping a gratitude list each day of where I saw God doing things for me that said He loved me.  It could be something that made me smile in nature, or an occurrence that made my heart dance a bit, or something I read in the Bible that reminded me of the Truth of God’s love.  It was practicing noticing God.  It was giving credence to the fact that God can do anything He wants to get my attention and love on me, but am I noticing them.  I keep track of big things and little things that I know God sent that put a smile on my face and make me feel noticed and loved by the Most Holy God.  This is what making this relationship personal looks like!  What makes you smile?  What does God do to remind you He is around and loves you?

In my world I love when the time on the clock says 6:33, it reminds me of Matthew 6:33 which says to seek God first.  When I see that I feel like God is reminding me of the priority of our relationship.  It reminds me that because God adores me so much I want to return that love right back!  Scripture says that we love because God loved us FIRST – 1 John 4:19.

Another thing that always reminds me of the amazing and lavish love of God is when I see bunnies.  Yes, bunnies.  This is something that God and I have had going on for longer than I’ve been married!  I have always loved bunnies, but I began noticing they were showing up a lot in my world.  I would begin to see them in the oddest of places when I was going through some super tough seasons, and then I was noticing them showing up when I was needing reminders that I was loved.  Then I realized that my love for bunnies wasn’t a coincidence!  It was one of the many ways God was reminding me of His active presence in my world and of His lavish love that was always freely given!

His love for us is beyond our comprehension, but is something that we can grasp an idea of and would be very sad if we missed it!

I picture a beautiful dance, with women in such lovely gowns and men in such handsome tuxedos.  And Jesus comes walking over to me and extends His hand in an invitation to dance with Him.  What will my response be to His invitation to the dance of a lifetime?

What is your response to entering into this amazing love relationship with the God of the universe that is CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU?!?!?!?  Will you receive this lavish love (1 John 3:1) and amazing grace-filled life that comes through His Son Jesus (1 John 5:12)?

His hand is extended towards you . . . . . . the next move it yours!