Good Soil




I was just so honored to speak to a group of women in Asheboro, North Carolina.  It was a fabulous weekend with an amazing group of women!!!!  Barb, Courtney, Cindy and Cindy were AMAZING hostesses of myself, my husband and all these ladies at their event!!  It’s always so much fun to fly into a new city, meet new women and fall in love with their hearts!!!  These women were PRECIOUS!!!!  Of course, I do have a soft spot for southern hospitality and the accent that they don’t think they have!!  =   )

It was a delightful time talking about how we can grow to be women that are going to change our world for Jesus!!  We think it much start off with a fabulous plan . . . . but really it starts off with dirt!!!

Matt 13

23 But the one who received the seed that fell on good soil is the man who hears the word and understands it. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

I am praying for these women in Asheboro, that their hearts would be overflowing with good rich soil!!  These women spent the day receiving God’s Word.  They listened, read, journaled and even colored a picture or two.  From that time together I am asking God that these will be women will hear the Word of God down to the bottom of their hearts!!  And not only will they hear it, but that they will understand it!  Because of this, it will lead them to produce a crop in Asheboro 100 times what was sown!!  I am praying with them that God will produce a HEFTY HARVEST!!!!

We each have seeds that are sown into us.  These seeds are not so we will be amazing but it’s so we can live lives that point to our AMAZING GOD in the things we do for His glory!!  You and I have been given BIG THINGS to do!!!  And it’s not so much that we need to hide what we are doing, but we need to parade it around!!!!  Not for our own pride, but the Word tells us that it is TO MY FATHER’S GLORY THAT WE BEAR MUCH FRUIT!!!!!!  I want to have the best spiritual fruit I possibly can!!  I want the world to see Jesus in me!!!!  It is to my Father’s GLORY that I do the most that I can, the best that I can, the most amazing things that I can.  For HIM and FOR HIS GLORY!!!!

Today I am busy doing all the things God has put on my heart to do!!  I am working on a couple Bible Studies, a journal starter book, an online course for women’s ministry and a ton of things for our Unveiled Retreat this Spring and getting to the gym.  It is TO MY FATHER’S GLORY that I keep moving on these things!!!  To the BEST OF MY ABILITY!!!!!!

What are you doing today?  To the best of your ability?  To your Father’s glory what fruit are you bringing forth into the world!?!?!  I would love for you to drop into my facebook page and tell me what kind of fruit you are working on today!!  Tell me how I can pray for you today!!  It would be my honor!!

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Starting FRESH


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Today is the start of a whole new year . . . . I LOVE IT!!!  I ALWAYS love things, times, moments that are fresh and new!  It’s like looking at a blank canvas and you have been given permission to create WHATEVER YOU WANT!!  So today I am looking at the blank canvas of this new year and I am asking God what HE would like me to create in my life for the upcoming 365 days.

F – first things FIRST . . . God gets the top spot!!  I will continue to start each morning with Him.  This means Bible reading, journaling, I have a new devotional I’m going to be reading.  Like Matt. 6:33 continues to remind me, if I seek God FIRST then everything else will fall into place!  So my year, my days, my life needs to start off with putting God FIRST!!!

R – I need to RELAX a lot more than I do!  I can get so stress out about things, but then I’m not TRUSTING God . . . . I’m not RESTING in God . . . . . I’m not RELAXING in Him and His presence.  There is a sense of peace when I am relaxing in Him.  But it’s more than that for me.  It’s keeping my life balanced as well!  Every Monday night I do “pizza movie knit nights” with my mom.  That means I am carving out time to be with my mom, hang out at her house and knit with her.  We also have dinner and watch a little TV together as well, but it’s my time to do something for her and for me.  I’m also using my Sunday as my Sabbath.  No work.  No responsibilities.  Just that day to remember I am no longer a slave, but I am FREE!!  And the realization that God role modeled this when creating the world.  If God took a Sabbath, I am going to keep doing this to be with Him, down-shift in my life and remember I am not a slave to working 7 days a week!

E – everyone’s favorite . . . . EXERCISE!  I have got to “MOVE IT, MOVE IT” so much more this year!  My gym has got to see my face more than it did last year!  I have no reason, no excuses!  Well, back surgery worked as a great excuse not to go to the gym last year, but this year my back needs me to be at the gym!  So exercise I must do!!  Two years ago I ran a 1/2 marathon . . . . . I miss that girl!!  I am sensing strongly that God misses that girl too!!  Exercise is also a place for me to relax as well.  I’m catching a theme that God is pouring on my heart . . . .

S – I need to SING a LOT MORE!!  I used to sing and listen to music all the time!  For whatever reason I haven’t been doing it as much and I miss it!  Singing transforms my attitude and takes it to better places very quickly.  I used to throw on music with whatever I was doing!  I still do that sometimes, but not nearly enough.  And not just to listen to, I need to be singing more!!  Not just radio songs, but worship songs!!  I need to make sure I am filling my head, my heart and my surroundings with songs that point to the One that I am head over heels in love with!!  This is where I connect with God in some precious ways!!  Worship is one of our greatest forms of warfare!!  We have got to get our praise on if we are going to defeat the enemy!!  Praise is where we tell God, and remind ourselves, and shout out to the enemy how HUGE and POWERFUL and UNDEFEATABLE OUR GREAT GOD IS!!!!!  Praise changes EVERYTHING!!!  Including us from the inside out!!

H – Last thing on my list for fresh new year, I need to take care of my HUSBAND a lot better!!!  He is such a servant and is always doing things for me . . . . I need to be doing some things for him!!  He is such a great example to me of how to love well, I need to take better notes and love on my man more!!  I’m not a horrible wife, but it sure is easy to get lazy and let him do all the serving because that’s what he is so good at!  This new year I need to be putting him as a higher priority, building him up better and serving him more!!  I have been truly blessed with the man that God knows is perfect for me!  He and I are not even close to being perfect people, but what God has put together let no man take apart, so I’m going to work at making sure we are thriving together and I am doing my part of living up to my wedding vows that I said so many years ago!!  I keep mine taped up next to my office desk so I can be reminded of what I promised.  And I want to be a woman of my word!!  My vows are not dependent on what my man does . . . . I can only change me . . . . so better I will become!!!!  Honoring my man, my vows and the God that continues to knit us together!!

So . . . . . how about YOU?!?!?!  What is God asking YOU to do in this coming year that is bursting with opportunities and possibilities?!?!?  I hope you will join me in the path to an amazing year, a deeper relationship with God and a happier me!!!!!  Not going for perfection . . . . going for change in this year that is FRESH and new!!!