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I was just so honored to speak to a group of women in Asheboro, North Carolina.  It was a fabulous weekend with an amazing group of women!!!!  Barb, Courtney, Cindy and Cindy were AMAZING hostesses of myself, my husband and all these ladies at their event!!  It’s always so much fun to fly into a new city, meet new women and fall in love with their hearts!!!  These women were PRECIOUS!!!!  Of course, I do have a soft spot for southern hospitality and the accent that they don’t think they have!!  =   )

It was a delightful time talking about how we can grow to be women that are going to change our world for Jesus!!  We think it much start off with a fabulous plan . . . . but really it starts off with dirt!!!

Matt 13

23 But the one who received the seed that fell on good soil is the man who hears the word and understands it. He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

I am praying for these women in Asheboro, that their hearts would be overflowing with good rich soil!!  These women spent the day receiving God’s Word.  They listened, read, journaled and even colored a picture or two.  From that time together I am asking God that these will be women will hear the Word of God down to the bottom of their hearts!!  And not only will they hear it, but that they will understand it!  Because of this, it will lead them to produce a crop in Asheboro 100 times what was sown!!  I am praying with them that God will produce a HEFTY HARVEST!!!!

We each have seeds that are sown into us.  These seeds are not so we will be amazing but it’s so we can live lives that point to our AMAZING GOD in the things we do for His glory!!  You and I have been given BIG THINGS to do!!!  And it’s not so much that we need to hide what we are doing, but we need to parade it around!!!!  Not for our own pride, but the Word tells us that it is TO MY FATHER’S GLORY THAT WE BEAR MUCH FRUIT!!!!!!  I want to have the best spiritual fruit I possibly can!!  I want the world to see Jesus in me!!!!  It is to my Father’s GLORY that I do the most that I can, the best that I can, the most amazing things that I can.  For HIM and FOR HIS GLORY!!!!

Today I am busy doing all the things God has put on my heart to do!!  I am working on a couple Bible Studies, a journal starter book, an online course for women’s ministry and a ton of things for our Unveiled Retreat this Spring and getting to the gym.  It is TO MY FATHER’S GLORY that I keep moving on these things!!!  To the BEST OF MY ABILITY!!!!!!

What are you doing today?  To the best of your ability?  To your Father’s glory what fruit are you bringing forth into the world!?!?!  I would love for you to drop into my facebook page and tell me what kind of fruit you are working on today!!  Tell me how I can pray for you today!!  It would be my honor!!

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