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Unveiling Your Heart

This is a book full of prompts for your heart, one for each day of the year.  These can be used as journal prompts to write about daily, or as conversation starters in your home or small group.  This could even be a great book to bring on a long road trip.  Anywhere you want to start great conversations with a purpose of going deeper, this is a wonderful tool that can help you do just that!

Unveiling You Heart     $15

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Made for More

This is a fabulous Bible Study to engage your heart into the lifelong journey that God has for you.  This will encourage you to dive deeper into your heart and unearth the woman He longs for you to become!  It’s a study that you can do alone or with your small group.  No matter how you use it you will find that it’s valuable for digging deeper into the woman you long to be!!!

Made for More     $5

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Drawing Closer to Jesus

This is such a unique book that everyone should own!!   It can be used as a typical journal with words and sentences, but if you like to draw there is plenty of space for that as well!!  This book was created to offer a space to draw your journal response to some great lessons as a way to draw closer to Jesus.  If you are not a person that likes to draw your responses that’s OK, you can use your words as you respond to the invitations that Gail sets out for you to draw closer to Jesus.

Drawing Closer to Jesus     $20

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