Watch Out for the Impending Black Shadow!!!


My heart is SO TENDER in this season!  I just love Thanksgiving for two reasons –Thanksgiving

1)  I have such fond memories of going to my Aunt’s house in Dearborn and going to the Thanksgiving Day parade!  As a child this was such a WONDER for me!!  Even as I type this my heart can’t help but smile as I think about sitting on the curb with my little hands wrapped tightly around a cup of hot cocoa, the only thing that was keeping me warm on that freezing cold morning! To get a good seat we had to arrive early and sit on the cold concrete and wait.  I didn’t mind!  I loved the atmosphere created in those moments, the anticipation of the parade and the ultimate coming of Santa at the end!  As a child was there anything better?!?!?!  I DON”T THINK SO!!!!!

As an adult I mourn the changing of this tradition, but there are new ones in it’s place.  Once again this year I will run the Turkey Trot in downtown Grand Rapids, but this year I will run with not only my man and my Aunt, but most all of my nieces and nephews are joining in on the fun as well!!!  For these people I call family I am SO GRATEFUL FOR!!!!

Which brings me to the second reason why I LOVE Thanksgiving . . . .

2)  I believe that for a followers of Jesus this is such a HUGE CELEBRATION!!!!!!!!!!  We have more reason than ANYONE to be thankful!!  But it’s more than that . . . . . we are the only ones that know WHO TO BE THANKFUL TO!!!!!!!!!!!  I teach my Middle School students to be thankful . . . . but to whom are they thankful?  There is this vagueness about having a thankful heart for all they have!  But for me . . . . . I know to WHOM I AM THANKFUL!!!!!  This is the day I set aside to CELEBRATE MY THANKFUL HEART TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!  No, this is not the only day I’m thankful . . . . but the focus of this day is the thankfulness I have towards Jesus for all He’s done for me . . . . to the Father for the unbelievable LOVE that He lavishes me with and to the Holy Spirit for His unending presence in my life!!!!!!!!!!!

But where there is a focus on God . . . . evil is so close!!!!  I am watching as our enemy is slowly and methodically ruining Thanksgiving . . . . . he is stealing the focus, killing the priority on a thankful heart and destroying the precious time that families have set aside to be thankful and celebrate all that God has done for them!!!  Instead this precious holiday is being overtaken by the dark shadow of consumerism and the Body of Christ is getting sucked into it as well!!!!  The Big Black Shadow of Black Friday shopping has now oozed into Thanksgiving Day and all the dinner plans are now set around when the stores open and people want to get a jump on their Black Friday shopping!!!


So what can YOU DO to make Thanksgiving special?!?!?!?!  How can your Thanksgiving me special for you, your heart and Jesus?!?!?!?  There are so many awesome things to do to make Thanksgiving special . . . . check out Google and find some new traditions for you and your family that will usher in thankful hearts to your celebration and the rest of your year!!!  Be a trend-setter!!!!  Don’t hold back . . . . . Jesus didn’t hold back for you!!!!!

So as we get closer to one of my favorite holidays, and you still have time to make some purposeful decisions about the day, I  want to CHALLENGE . . . . . ENCOURAGE . . . . . . and CHEER YOU ON to keep Thanksgiving HOLY and SET APART in your heart, your life, your family and as much of your world as you can!!!!!!!  As followers of our sweet and precious Jesus I want us to stand up to the world and let them know that we still VALUE Thanksgiving!!!  That we are a THANKFUL PEOPLE and we are going to THANK OUR GOD FOR ALL HE’S DONE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let’s enjoy this day set aside to THANK HIM . . . . . and you can get your shopping rush on Friday!!!  There will still be plenty leftover . . . . Jesus will take care of YOU when YOU PUT HIM FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I am thanking God for YOU!!!!  Thanks for stopping by and letting me share what God has on my heart!!!!  Much love to you . . . . HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!   =  )