I LOVE words!!!!  DSC_3058

I see God use them in so many BIG WAYS and small ways . . . . but He always used words!!!  Not just HIS WORD . . . . . but lots of other words too!!!

I have used words in various Unveiled activities, and whatever the word GOD ALWAYS SHOWS UP!!!!  Women pick words, I assign words, words are picked out of a jar . . . . whatever way I have used words in activities it’s always POWERFUL!!!!

I teach Middle School and a couple years ago I was sitting with some friends at work and I challenged us all to come up with “our word for the year” that we were going to have as our focus.  I’m not sure anyone grabbed onto this activity as strongly as I did, but it CHANGED MY YEAR!!!!

Everyone else came up with very professional words that were sure to change their school year!  I was hesitant, and almost embarrassed, as I shared my word. After 24 years of teaching I have travelled a lot of ground, been through a lot of changes and challenges, and was getting slightly weary in what I was doing.  So I stepped up to the line and shared the word God put on my heart for the year . . . . . . FUN!  Yep, my teaching year was going to be focused on FUN!!!!

Not sure what this meant, but I stepped out and stepped into my year with the focus of FUN!!!  It was an AMAZING YEAR!!!!!!!  Yes, lots of great math was done!!!  In fact, some of the BEST MATH TEACHING I HAD EVER DONE!!!!!!!  And all the while I was making sure we were having FUN while we were learning!!!!!!

It was a GREAT YEAR!!!!  I had a BLAST . . . . and I hope my students did too!!!  I was a teacher CHANGED and TRANSFORMED!!!!

When it came time for a word for this school year I sensed God asking me to stick with FUN . . . . and so I have!!!  And it has been just that!!!!!

The POWER in ONE WORD!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here I am at the start of 2015 and I am challenged by God to listen to His heart for my “Word of the Year” for this coming 2015.  The scary part is that when He asked me to pick a word I KNEW what the word was going to be!!  But it is SO BIG that it’s scary to me!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been hesitant to share it with anyone . . . . but God seems to think that this blog is going to be the place to not only share my word, but my journey through 2015.  I hope you’re going to join me for the long-haul!!!!!

So . . . . . my word . . . . . BREAKTHROUGH!!!  It lingers in front of my heart like a giant marquee sign lit up at night.  This is what God is speaking over me for 2015.

Now . . . . . . WHAT ABOUT YOU?!?!?!?!?  What is YOUR WORD going to be?!?!?!?!?  If you’re brave enough, please share it with me, and let’s boldly jump into 2015 together, ready for a WILD RIDE WITH JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!  =  )  I would love for you to comment below what your word is and your thoughts about your word from Jesus!!!  Let’s hold each other up in prayer as we follow this WILD SAVIOR OF OURS WITH DEEP PASSION AND DEVOTION AND TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!