Come and Play Simon Says . . . . . sort of


Today was an AMAZING DAY for me!!  It started with that fabulous phone call in the dark of morning thwinter picat announces to my waiting heart that today is a SNOW DAY!!!!!

Let me tell you what this means to me . . . . . God has just given me the GIFT OF TIME!!!!!!!


I have ALWAYS SAID that TIME is my most precious commodity!!  I can earn more money, but I can’t earn more time.  But today, the challenge set before me . . . . . . what was I going to do with my time?!?!?!

As I lay curled up in my fleece sheets – yes, you read that right, I have fleece sheets!!  It’s like sleeping inside of a cozy sweatshirt every winters night!!)

Oh how quickly I digress . . . . . . those fleece sheets do that to me every time!!!!!

Back to my phone call . . . . I then began to ask God what HE wanted me to do today . . . . and then I drifted off to sleep!!!  I always think I’ll get up early and make the most of my day off, but sleep won out again this morning!!!!

Once my eyes peeked back open I began my request to God again . . . . what did HE want for me today.  I was surprised at His response!!!  What I expected to hear was a list of all these spiritual things that I should be doing!!!  You know like reading the whole Old Testament, memorizing the book of Psalms, praying for all my family, friends and the entire unsaved world by name, fast all day and if possible put on some sack cloth and ashes for good holy measure!!  (good thing I have a fire place)  I was ready for whatever He was going to ask of me today!!  I was already thinking ahead to how I would outline my day with all these spiritual activities I would no doubt be doing . . . . . . but I listened . . . . . and there was His still, small voice in my heart . . . .

Lean into Me.

I re-listened because it had to be more than that!!  And sure enough . . . . there was more . . . . .

Lean into Me, moment by moment, step by step today.  Don’t get ahead of me.  ASK ME ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!  Don’t make one single choice before you ASK ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

So basically today was going to be like a game of Simon Says and God is Simon.  I get that!!!  How hard can that be?!?!?!?!?!

GAME ON!!!!!!!!!

So here I am in the afternoon of my snow day and I realize as you are reading this you are laughing at how naive I can be at times!!!!!  Yes, I have realized very quickly that this version of Simon Says is much harder than I anticipated!!!!  This was a very hard request placed before me!!  I am working my hardest at this, but asking Him about every little detail is not my usual routine.  I usually take care of the softball decisions and let God handle the bigger stuff.  Today I am getting the fuller picture of what it looks like to NOT MAKE ONE SINGLE MOVE WITHOUT ASKING HIM FIRST!!!!!

Breakfast . . . . what to wear . . . . what to do next . . . . . what chores should I do (I was excited when He nixed doing dishes)  . . . . what blanket to grab . . . . . lunch . . . . . . where to sit . . . . . what to do next . . . . . what to do about my headache . . . . . . . do I write today, if so, what to write about today . . . . . .

I haven’t been 100% on the mark listening today, that’s for sure!! I don’t think I’m even close to that, but my heart is understanding more than ever what it looks like to WALK WITH JESUS, MOMENT BY MOMENT!!!!!!!!  NO DECISION IS MINE TO MAKE!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS IS NOT MY LIFE . . . . . I AM DEAD TO CHRIST, HE IS ALIVE IN ME, SO I MIGHT AS WELL LET HIM MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking with God, step by step, takes practice, skill and DEATH to our own wants, wishes and desires!!!  But today has been sprinkled with some very delightful times that I would’ve missed if I weren’t listening to His voice!!!!

We have all played Simon Says, and we knew the rules, we didn’t make a move until Simon said we could.  Girls, welcome to the new version of Simon Says . . . . . the rules are the same, and God gets to be Simon every time!!!!!!  So starting NOW . . . ask God what HE WANTS YOU TO DO NEXT . . . . . listen to what God says . . . . . . .  do it . . . without hesitation. . . . . .

And the winner of this game is . . . . . . . . . . .

Oh, you know the answer to that!!!  ;  )

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!  I’m off to see what God wants me to do next . . . . . .