Packing for the Trail


Well here I am, my second snow day.  Some may call me spoiled . . . . I call me BLESSED!!!!  =  )  And LAVISHLY LOVED BY GOD!!!!!  =  )

This has been some great time off!!  Today not only was it a day off, but we also had no power.  God has a way of getting our attention when He wants it.  So I stayed tucked in bed . . . . .. yes, it was those fleece sheets again!!  (see yesterday’s post for more on the sheets)  I just curled in to the heart of God and listened to Him urging me forward in my journey.  I was surprised by the stubbornness that He was met with!!

I don’t want to press forward!!  It’s too hard!!  Too scary!!  Requires more sacrifice, discipline, strength and resolve than I have!!  It’s too far to the other side!!  I’ll never make it to where you are calling me to go!!  Lord, I have lost my “want to” and I don’t think I want to go anymore!!

OH MY!!!!!  When I type that all out I feel SO SILLY!!!!  Not only do I KNOW BETTER . . . . . but I AM BETTER!!!  Not in my own strength . . . . BUT BECAUSE OF JESUS!!!!!

So . . . . today I started with this prayer . . . . Lord, CHANGE MY WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a good dose of Bible, prayer and time with Jesus I have found my feet to be on the path to where He is calling me to!!!

So what the path to following Jesus look like . . . . death to self, life in Christ . . . . sacrifice . . . . listening and obediently following . . . . . remembering WHERE I came from . . . . remembering WHERE I am going to . . . . . remembering WHAT HE CALLS ME TO DO ON THIS JOURNEY!!!!!!!

2 Cor. 4:1, 16 urge me to NOT LOSE HEART on this journey that can be tough!!!!  But forward with Christ is the direction I LONG TO GO!!!!!!!!!

So here are the things I am packing with me for the trail . . . .

1)  Memory Verses . . . . each week I’ll add some more to my heart

2)  Intentional Weekly Plan . . . . . I have to listen to God for instructions along the way and WRITE THEM DOWN

3)  Daily Celebrations . . . . . I’m going to note where I am successful EACH DAY . . . . celebrate obedience

4)  Journal Daily . . . . not just a record of events, but the journey of my heart

5)  Prayers!!!

I know this would be a GREAT POST for Jan. 1 . . . . but I can’t wait that long to get going!!!  How about you?!?!?  Can you wait until then to start your journey that God is calling you to . . . . or do you need to start packing your bag today and get moving?!?!?!?!  If you’re on the trail, let me know!!!!  We are all going to the same place . . . . THE HEART OF GOD!!!!!!!  We may have different views of the same road, but we are all on the road!!!!

I would LOVE to hear about YOUR JOURNEY!!!!  Comment below and keep me posted as I keep you posted on my journey with Jesus as well!!!  WELCOME ABOARD!!!!!Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.48.33 PM